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Annual Recertification

Why to recertificate


Like any flying pilots who need a revalidation each year of their flying license,we do same for Endopeel.

Medical Accreditation

Many countries are asking medical doctors to have enough points by participating to some events and workshops to be updated and then allowed to go on practising.

Be trained

A medical doctor who doesnt perform a technique during long time cannot be good to go on with this technique at each earthquake.

Competence is over Specialization

If you are for ex specialist in plastic surgery since 30 years and you didnt perform since 10 years a facelift, you should not do facelifts even your title of specialist

Brand Strategy

We will not allow not enough trained doctors to practise Endopeel Technics as it could harm our reputation as all Endopeel Users 

What do you need to recertificate

Send us your own pictures

Before-After with your protocol and some description.

Send them to Official Endopeel Trainers by E mail

Or post them to the facebook group ,,Endopeel Users,,

Show us that you bought at least 150 ml in the past year

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Only ENDOPEEL PRODUCTS IN ORIGINAL ( not dangerous copies)bought from Official Endopeel Retailers will be taken in account.

Show us your last certificate signed by your Endopeel Trainer

Here is the list of Official Endopeel Trainers

In case you can t recertificate, what we are proposing to you

Doing another Workshop

Choose it and the Organizator or Trainer may propose you a better price.

Which are the Benefits of a Recertification

Having the rights to buy again products

If you have patients who need again Endopeel and asking for it, you need to be able to buy products.

Beeing in the Board Certified Endopeel Specialists

Many patients are looking who are the Endopeel board certified specialists to avoid any bad experience